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A Wicked Maid (1995)

{deutscher Titel}
Original: Susanna Cameriera Perversa

Veröffentlichung: 1995 oder früher
Regie: Franco lo Cascio als Luca Damiano
Darsteller: Pussycat, Senly als Susanna

Label (D): CMS Distribution GmbH, Duisburg
Bestell-Nr.: SAP 2531
Spieldauer: ca. 84 Minuten
Video: VHS

Kurzbeschreibung zu einem englischsprachigen Angebot des Films: "Well, I didn't expect much from this low-budget production but the two actresses, Pussycat and Senly, provide a couple of very hot scenes. Though I'm a little bit more into story-based movies from the good old times, a lot of anal and oral scenes make this one a great choice. The mostly unknown Senly, who seems to have a preference for vegetables, especially impressed me as she turned into a hot volcano right from the beginning. At the end of the tape two trailers of Hamlet - for the love of Orphelia can be found, another masterpiece from the same director which is quite the opposite of this minimalist five-person 'staging'. A Wicked Maid doesn't provide great emotions and acting (which you do not really expect from a porn movie) but doesn't disappoint at all.
The movie opens with Luana, the maid of Stella and Roberto. She's definitely not engaged in meal preparation as she shovels a huge aubergine all the way up her wet cunt on the kitchen table. While we get a lot of insight into her anatomical details, Roberto arrives from work. He immediately unzips his pants and directs his cock down her willing throat. She then blows him for a while before she lays backward on the table again, offering him both of her holes. After some long and relaxed penetration, he spurts a huge load over her face, while she sucks greedily at him. She then wipes his cum all over her cheeks before she licks his cock and her fingertips clean.
The next scene takes place in the living room, where Roberto and his wife Stella (Pussycat) have gathered with two male visitors. When Luana arrives she takes another mouth full of Roberto's stiff cock while Stella gets served by the two boys. Luana then gets her cute little ass stuffed while Stella is fucked in sandwich style on the sofa. Unfortunately this great scene is not finished with cumshots.
Luana, fully clothed again, has returned to the kitchen where she carries on with her favourite occupation, filling her asshole with another big aubergine. Stella assists her until Roberto arrives and gets his dick sucked by the girls immediately. While Luana fondles Roberto, Luana blows the arriving two guys simultaneously. Roberto then takes Stella doggy style while Luana serves one guy orally with her pussy filled from behind by the other one. Both girls finally receive juicy facials and do some nice post cum licking.
Roberto leaves and Luana makes a third attempt to insert the vegetable completely into her cunt. Sitting on the table with her legs spread wide she gives us another great performance. When the two boyfriends and Stella return, Luana still lays on the table and starts sucking them as her pussy gets worked over by her hostess. Luana then takes a cock inside. Stella, wearing a striped dress, runs her experienced tongue over the second guy's cock. With her fantastic dark eyes fixed upon him she receives the last facial of this movie."

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